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Whiteline Solid Rear Endlinks Subaru WRX 02-23/STI 08-21/BRZ 13-23

  • $ 14824

  • Brand: Whiteline
  • Part #: KLC231
  • Adjustable: No
  • Material: Aluminum / Steel
  • QTY: 2
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 3 Years


Not many enthusiasts are aware that OE and more importantly aftermarket sway bar effectiveness can be hindered by worn or inadequate mounts, drop links, and lateral stoppers. Whiteline adjustable sway bar links are engineered to be up to the task with top spec, lightweight componentry combined with a window of adjustability, eliminating sway bar preload on installation but most importantly ensuring the maximum output of the sway bar for improved grip and better handling.

The kit utilizes a high tensile extruded alloy link fitted with ultra-low compliance synthetic elastomer bushings. Critical hardware is replaced with high-tensile components to match the higher loads. The result is much more precise and direct roll control with up to 25% more effective bar rate available at lower wheel deflection points.

This does NOT mean an outright increase in your bar rate but rather a quickening of its effect allowing more bar rate earlier. Link shape and bush mounts are designed to allow maximum sway bar articulation to ensure full suspension travel while acting more directly under vertical load. Standard length maintains correct sway bar operation.


  • The latest in material formulation technology boasts resistance to oil, grease, ozone, and weathering.
  • Supplied with extreme pressure molybdenum disulphide (LM) based grease for extended life.
  • Featuring premium anodized alloy materials, providing a long-lasting protective barrier to corrosion and wear but they look great too.
  • Protective plating on all metal components acts as a hard skin that is much tougher than conventional paint allowing this product to withstand the toughest conditions and resist corrosion for years to come
  • Eliminates flex and compliance associated with original equipment - these high-strength links are engineered to increase sway bar effectiveness and improve overall performance, increased rigidity, and responsiveness which can be felt especially during lane changes and initial turns.
  • Manufactured from high-quality alloy - utilizes the latest in material formulation technology link bushings ensuring maximum strength and durability.
  • This kit is covered by a 3 Year / 60,000kms warranty including parts and labor.
  • Install guide included providing detailed instructions on how to install your new purchase.

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