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Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit - Honda Civic Type R 17-21

  • $ 35226

  • Brand: Whiteline
  • Part #: KCA467
  • Adjustable: No
  • Bearing Type: Polyurethane Bushing
  • Caster Adjusted: Yes
  • Material: Aluminum / Polyurethane
  • Mounts Included: No
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year

You are looking at the Whiteline Anti Lift Kit. This kit has been designed to add 0.5 degrees of static positive caster to the front wheels while changing the nature of front anti-dive and lift. The result is superior traction under power including cornering while reducing understeer and front wheel spin. 




  • Increases caster by repositioning the rearward lower control arm suspension mounting height
  • Low compliance bushings help aid the reduction in caster loss during braking
  • The low compliance bushings are also off-setted for increased static caster angle
  • Helps the vehicle in straight-line stability and reduction in steering effort through increased negative camber angle
  • Adds approximately 0.5 degrees of positive camber (where applicable)

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