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Tein Flex A Coilovers Subaru BRZ 13-22/Toyota GR86 17-22

Tein Flex A Coilovers Subaru BRZ 13-22/Toyota GR86 17-22

  • $ 1,21000

  • Brand: Tein
  • Part #: VSTD8-D1SS4
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Camber Adjustable: Front Only
  • Caster Adjustable: No
  • Dampening Adjust Type: 16 Way
  • Damper Type: Twin Tube
  • Drop Height Front: 0.0- -2.6in
  • Drop Height Front Metric: 0- -66mm
  • Drop Height Rear: 0.4-2.8in
  • Drop Height Rear Metric: 10-76mm
  • Height Adjustable: Yes
  • Independent Height Adjustable: Yes
  • Spring Rate Front: 336lbs/in
  • Spring Rate Front Metric: 6Kg/mm
  • Spring Rate Rear: 336lbs/in
  • Spring Rate Rear Metric: 6Kg/mm
  • Top Hats Included: Yes
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
  • Condition: New Product

The Tein Flex A Coilover has been designed with comfort as the main objective. Your typical coil over will come with either a rubber or urethane bump stop is there to absorb the bottoming-out effect which then causes a large jolt or rebound which can cause drivers to lose control. The Flex A coil overs have been designed with a Hydraulic Bump Stopper which has been built inside of the shock absorber which effectively generates damping force at near, or full bumps to absorb large impacts smoothly while having occupants in a lowered vehicle.

The Hydraulic Bump Stopper technology has been derived from vehicles that participate in World Rally Racing where the technology is passed onto a street application that will improve the looks and handling of your vehicle. Other features include ride height adjustment through the body of the strut which means that you don't have to mess with the spring pre-load and ride quality. These coil overs will also come provided with top hats. The fronts are camber adjustable for those who are running an aggressive wheel or tire setup. Additionally, these coil overs are EDFC compatible for those who desire in-car dampening control.

Finally, these coil overs will come powder-coated in Tein's flagship green color for extra protection against rust and corrosion, and Tein will supply you with a set of ride-height adjustable tools to allow you to run these to your particular setting.

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