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SteamSpeed STX 67 10cm Turbo Kit BRZ 13-16

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  • Brand: SteamSpeed
  • Part #: SS-BRZ-67-KIT
  • Bearing Type: Journal Bearing
  • Cartridge: SteamSpeed
  • Exhaust Housing Size: 10cm
  • Fitment: OEM
  • Gaskets Included: Yes
  • Inlet Size: N/A
  • Oil Line Included: Yes
  • Ported Turbine Housing: No
  • Rated Horsepower: 350-400 WHP
  • Scroll: Single
  • Wastegate: Internal
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year

The Subaru BRZ and its Scion cousin the FR-S are driver’s cars with great driving dynamics. Many also wished it made more power by way of turbocharging. The Steam STX 67 turbo kit is here to rectify the power gap with our BRZ/FR-S turbo kit. Our kit includes has all necessary parts for the turbocharger installation.

At the heart of the kit is our custom Steam STX 67 turbocharger with a whopping 50 lbs/min peak flow rate. Our STX 67 comes standard with our custom billet 11-blade STX compressor wheel, and our super lightweight high-flowing 9-blade turbine. At 7-10 PSI, expect an estimated +75-100 WHP gain*. At 20-25 PSI, expect an estimated 100-150 WHP gain**.

The Steam STX 67 BRZ/FRS/GT86 Turbo kit includes:
- Steam STX 67 Turbocharger
- Billet aluminum Internal waste gate (adjustable spring rates)
- Custom STX 67mm 11-blade compressor wheel
- Lightweight high-flowing 9-Blade STX TD05H Turbine
- 10 cm² turbine housing
- 50 lbs/min peak flow
- 4 to 1 exhaust manifold for a top mount turbocharger
- Large downpipe and front pipe
- High-flow Intake
- Large bar and plate front mount intercooler core with aluminum piping
- Billet aluminum blow off valve
- Required gaskets, heat shields, couplings, hoses, mounting brackets for a direct BRZ, FRS, and GT86 installations.

* We recommend not exceeding 10 PSI with stock internals. We recommend upgrading your fuel system if you want to exceed 5-7 PSI of boost. This kit requires a tune, and does not include engine management software.

** Per the compressor map, the STX 67 turbo will flow the most at 20-25 PSI, ~50 lbs/min. That is more than double the flow of the stock NA FA20A motor. It is awesome that our kit can have your BRZ/FRS making over 400 WHP, but you’ll need to make sure your car is prepared for it. At high boost, you will for sure have to upgrade your fuel pump and injectors. You should also upgrade your bottom end. We suggest at least replacing the rods, pistons, and bearings with units that are up to the challenges of turbocharging.

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