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Plus Soap Ceramic Spray

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  • Brand: Plus Soap
  • Part #: PS-CAR-WAX
  • Quantity: 1 Bottle (16oz)
  • Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty 

 Get the benefits of a ceramic coating from a simple spray and wipe with Plus Soap Ceramic Spray. Ceramic Spray gives you a deep wet shine that doesn't take no for an answer when it comes to repelling water. Once applied, almost nothing can stick to your silky smooth paint for up to 6 months. Stay protected from road grime, fallout, acid rain and more. Car already coated? Not a problem! Lay down Ceramic Spray on top of existing ceramic coatings for a boost in protection and shine


Shake very well and continuously shake throughout process - use on cool surface in shaded area with proper lighting - paint and/or surface should be wax, solvent and contaminants free - mist Ceramic Spray onto wet or dry panel - use clean microfiber towel to spread evenly in criss-cross motions until fully flashed - switch to fresh microfiber towel and wipe until no residue remains - use on cool - work in 2'X2' area at a time - can also mist directly onto microfiber and apply - for full protection allow to cure for 24 hours with no water contact.

**Always test in inconspicuous area before application.


1) Submerge a very clean very soft microfiber towel into a clean bucket of water

2) Wring out towel as much as possible. Fold towel over twice

3) Hold Ceramic Spray 10 to 12 inches away from the towel. Spray/Mist Ceramic Spray lightly over the towel (1-3 sprays depending on size of panel)

Wipe (1) panel with the lightly misted towel in a criss-cross motion

4) With a fresh dry, soft and clean microfiber towel buff panel to a high gloss finish

5) For the next panel flip the wrung out towel to the other side and repeat Step 3 and 4


a) 1 wrung out towel should do 8 panels since there are 8 sides to the towel

b) Do not double mist and or use an already used towel side. Use a "fresh" towel side for every new "panel"

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