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PERRIN Top Mount Intercooler Subaru WRX 15-21

  • $ 66054

  • Brand: Perrin
  • Part #: PSP-ITR-325XX
  • Color: Black or Silver
  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • HP Rating: 500WHP Rating
  • Installation Hardware Incl: Yes
  • Volume: 660 Cubic Inches
  • Thickness:  3.75"
  • Width: 10.24"
  • Depth:  13.62"
  • Finish: Powdercoat
  • Mfr Warranty: 5yr Limited Warranty


Here is the PERRIN Top Mount Intercooler. This top mount intercooler has been designed with a larger core that provides a larger surface area coverage area to increase the overall cooling capacity leading to the turbocharger. This is an ideal upgrade, especially for those of you with modifications that will increase the power and boost output as these modifications will surpass the thermal limits of the factory top mount intercooler. This would inevitably cause heat soak to the factory top mount system which will then put a limit on your performance potential. PERRIN relieves these issues by designing a brilliant larger core that improves the power and cooling efficiency to your stock, or modified WRX. 




  • 523 cubic inch volume
  • Designed with an extra-large cross-section to lower those charge temperatures
  • 66% larger than stock and features a higher flow design and more consistent horsepower gains when compared to other cores
  • Increases the horsepower and the torque without a tune or ECU recalibration
  • More performance gains can be had with a proper tune
  • Designed with a 3/8" bar and plate core that is more durable than the traditional tube and fin core
  • Cast aluminum end tanks that reduce air turbulence and provides an unobstructed flow of air
  • Includes a PERRIN Throttle Body Coupler to make for a convenient installation and removal
  • Will fit perfectly with the PERRIN Strut Tower Brace and Intercooler Shroud
  • Pressure-tested to 50 psi
  • Includes logo stencil



  • ​Choose from a black or silver core finish

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