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PERRIN Radiator Hose Red Set Subaru WRX 15-17

PERRIN Radiator Hose Red Set Subaru WRX 15-17


  • $ 10800
  • Save $ 12

  • Brand: PERRIN
  • Part #: PSP-ENG-518RD
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Reinforced Silicone
  • New Clamps Included: Yes
  • Number of Hoses: 2
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 5 Years

Maximize the cooling efficiency with the PERRIN Radiator Hose Set. Now your factory hoses are great, but after a certain amount of time and mileage the inner fibers of the hose will separate causing the hose to expand, and rupture at times. The PERRIN Radiator Hose Set has been fabricated from heat resistant silicone fibers that will not expand under pressure or heat. 

This particular radiator hose set will come in a black finish to, and will come provided with worm clamps to make them ready for installation. Included will be an upper, and a lower radiator hose. 

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