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PERRIN PSRS Offset Bushings Subaru STI 11-14

  • $ 22860
  • Save $ 25

  • Brand: PERRIN
  • Part #: PSP-SUS-411
  • Adjustable: No
  • Bearing Type: Spherical Bearing
  • Caster Adjusted: No
  • Material: Aluminum / Polyurethane
  • Mounts Included: No
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 5 Years
Improve turn-in and increase handling prowess with the PERRIN Positive Steering Response System.

P.S.R.S stands for Positive Steering Response System and simply replaces the front control arm, rear bushings. The OEM bushings are designed to be extra compliant to reduce NVH, and make the ride more comfortable. The compliancy of this bushing is not something a performance oriented driver is looking for. Eliminating the OEM super soft bushing provides significant improvement in how the car steers during hard cornering and even in a straight line.

Under braking and acceleration, the OEM bushing can flex enough for your wheel to move back and forth .500""! This deflection of the wheel causes drastic toe in and toe out changes under braking. The toe changes will cause steering wandering and an altered tire contact patch. When accelerating, this OEM bushing causes unwanted wheel hop and the car will want to follow the ruts in the road.

After the PERRIN PSRS is installed, under braking the wheel will have zero deflection. Since there is no way for toe changes to occur, the steering feedback issues and wandering under braking disappears. Under acceleration the car will have far less tendency to follow the ruts in the road, wheel hop will be eliminated and in turn the car will have more front end traction.

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