Napolex Broadway Blue Convex Mirror 300mm – Reflected Image Motorsports
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Napolex Broadway Blue Convex Mirror 300mm

Napolex Broadway Blue Convex Mirror 300mm

  • $ 3999

  • Brand: Napolex
  • Part #: BW-157
  • Glass Color: Blue
  • Glass Face: Convex
  • Size: 300mm
  • Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty


FLABEG BLUE MIRROR - eliminates the reflection of ultra-violet ray and glare

  • Scatter Proof - In the manufacturing process, special measures are taken to prevent the broken mirror to be spread out, on an accident
  • High-Precision Chrome-Finished Front Surface - mirror Practically free from distortion / assures non-glareness for safter driving.  Prevents double image reflection.
  • Perfectly Fits - fits the genuine mirror perfectly thanks to the minimized depth of the mounting mechanism at the center
  • Wide Vision - eliminating blind spots this wide-angle mirror increases visibility, eliminating dangerous blind spots where genuine mirrors don't cover.

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