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Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiator Subaru BRZ 13-23/GR86 17-23

Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiator Subaru BRZ 13-23/GR86 17-23

  • $ 34450
  • Save $ 116

  • Brand: Koyo
  • Part #: VH012664N
  • Core Depth: 1.417 in
  • Core End Tank Material: Aluminum
  • Core Height: 13.50 in
  • Core Width: 25.50 in
  • Includes Radiator Cap: No
  • Mfgr. Warranty: Initial Start Up


Here is the Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiator. This radiator features all-aluminum construction to not only improve the cooling efficiency of your vehicle but it will also be much more durable when compared to your factory radiator. Depending on your application, most factory-issued radiators will have plastic upper and lower tanks. These tanks will expand under endless heat cycles, and eventually, they will give out and can cause a leak. If you do not replace the radiator asap, this can cause overheating issues which can cause major engine damage. The Koyo unit may just be the last radiator that you would've to purchase because of the all-aluminum construction that can be welded and repaired in the future if you should happen to run into any leaking issues due to damage. 





  • All aluminum construction
  • Heli-arc welded for stronger enforcement along aluminum connections
  • Thicker core
  • Precise tube and fin alignment promotes optimal coolant flow and fins with highly efficient heat transfer
  • NoClock Brazing is featured on the tubes, fins, headers, and brackets using a state-of-the-art NoClock furnace which bonds all components to resist damage from vibration, road debris, and the elements
  • Billet Filler Neck is precision machined for durability
  • Fits manual and automatic transmissions

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