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Killer B Motorsport Oil Pickup and Baffle Combo Subaru WRX 02-14/STI 04-21

  • $ 19900

  • Brand: Killer B Motorsport
  • Part #: 070-EJWT
  • Installation Hardware Included: Yes
  • Material: Stainless Steel / Aluminum
  • Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime


Killer B Motorsport are masters at their craft which is metal fabrication. Their products are a result of a combination of careful manufacturing methods along with precise execution for excellent fabrication, fitment, and performance. 

This is the Killer B Motorsport Oil Pickup And Baffle Combination. This is one of the more important upgrades you can perform because the factory oil pickup can crack which will force the factory pickup to suck in air which will starve the bearings and destroy your motor. The pickup is combined with the Killer B Oil Baffle Windage Tray which will stabilize oil movement and sloshing under hard cornering. 



  • .12" Thick double bracket which is 3X the OEM oil pickup tube thickness
  • Brace placed between the bracket and oil pickup tube to further strengthen the assembly
  • Screen placed inside oil pickup head to filter harmful debris
  • Works on all Turbo EJ20 models with the OEM flat bottom single scroll oil pan
  • Super heavy-duty
  • Comes with new O-ring


  • Closed rear section to prevent oil from sloshing into the crank under hard acceleration and aggressive shifts
  • Block contoured profile to minimize oil returning from the heads interfering with the crank
  • Directional louvers prevent oil in the pan from splash/sloshing into the crank
  • Low profile design to control windage and strip oil from the crank immediately to reduce oil “roping” on the crank
  • Improved oil entry to the pan/pickup to help prevent oil starvation
  • Made from stainless steel for long life, durability and corrosion resistance



  • Does not work with the OEM EJ20 oil pan

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