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Killer B Motorsport Oil Baffle Windage Tray Subaru WRX 02-14/STI 04-21/Legacy GT 05-09/Forester XT 04-08

  • $ 7900

  • Brand: Killer B Motorsport
  • Part #: EJWT
  • Installation Hardware Included: No
  • Material: Steel
  • OEM Replacement: Yes
  • Mfgr. Warranty: Lifetime


If Michelangelo, Picasso, and the guy who invented a Swiss army knife collectively raised a stepchild, more than likely he or she works for Killer B motorsports. Literally everything they make out of metal hits you hard in the feels because the craftsmanship is sensory overload. 

Their Oil Baffle Windage Tray is no exception. Although the boxer engine sets Subaru apart from most sport compacts, they do have oil sloshing issues with oil going back and forth from head to head under extreme cornering. Here are some advantages of the Killer B Windage Tray:

•    Closed rear section to prevent oil from sloshing into the crank under hard acceleration and aggressive shifts.
•    Block contoured profile to minimize oil returning from the heads interfering with the crank.
•    Directional louvers prevent oil in the pan from splash/sloshing into the crank.
•    Low profile design to control windage and strip oil from the crank immediately to reduce oil “roping” on the crank.
•    Improved oil entry to the pan/pickup to help prevent oil starvation.
•    Made from stainless steel for long life, durability and corrosion resistance.

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