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Injen SP Cold Air Intake System Subaru STI 15-17

  • $ 36000
  • Save $ 18

  • Brand: Injen
  • Part #: SP1206
  • Color: Black, Red, or Polished
  • Filter Type: Oiled
  • Filter Color: Blue
  • Mfr Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Is your engine gasping for air, yearning for an extra dose of horsepower? If so, Injen has some thrilling news for you! The SP series of cold air intakes from Injen Technology is here to enable your engine to breathe deeper and unlock the performance you've been longing for. The SP series stands as Injen's flagship system within their lineup of traditional aluminum cold air intake systems. Injen Technology boasts the world's first tuned air intake system and proudly holds four (4) patents related to the intake system tuning process – a feat unmatched by any other manufacturer. The SP series incorporates numerous patented tuning processes from Injen Technology, including MegaRam (MR) Technology (Patents 7,359,795 and 7,669,571), Air Fusion (Patent 7,721,669), and other innovations that keep Injen Technology at the forefront of the performance aftermarket.

The heart of this intake lies within the 6061-T6 aluminum air intake tube, which offers a seamless, uninterrupted path for highly efficient airflow. Our engineers have meticulously crafted the intake to deliver impressive power gains while maintaining clean aesthetics that will leave a lasting impression every time you pop your hood. Furthermore, the Injen team has ensured that a safe air-fuel (A/F) ratio is maintained across the power band.

Moreover, the SP intake includes a fully serviceable Injen SuperNano-Web dry air filter, featuring an expanded filter surface area to facilitate greater airflow and unbeatable filtration. But that's not all; the Injen SP performance intake also delivers power that's not only felt but heard! This intake produces an aggressive and throaty tone that stands out in the aftermarket. And for those who seek a personalized touch for their intake, Injen offers this system in a variety of finishes. To top it all off, the SP CAI kit comes with the unmatched Injen Technology limited Lifetime Warranty!

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