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IAG Stage 4 Tuff EJ25 Closed Deck Case Halves/O-Ringed/Bored and Honed to 99.75mm with 14mm Head Stud Conversion/Pinned Mains/ARP Case Bolts

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  • Brand: IAG Performance
  • Part #: IAG-ENG-1807
  • Mfg. Warranty: N/A
  • Install Instructions:
  1. Head Stud Instructions Here
  2. O-Ring Instructions Here

    The Stage 4 Tuff is IAG's strongest and most prepared EJ25 Closed Deck offering. The case halves are split and the main webs are CNC machined for 9.5mm pins to reduce distortion and movement of the case in extreme conditions. After reassembly, the deck surface is machined to accept specially CNC’d cast inserts that strengthen the weakest point of the OEM case at the upper sleeve. Specially machined threaded case bolt plugs are included that allow coolant flow and ensure that the thickest part of the plug is supporting the weakest area of the case. The case halves are then CNC drilled and tapped to accept 14mm head studs that greatly reduce head gasket failure during high cylinder pressure scenarios. To further reduce head gasket failure the deck surface is o-ringed providing an additional sealing ring for the head gasket. Next the case is bored and honed to 99.75mm in our Sunnen SV-10 that allows you to set a piston to wall clearance tighter for a quieter engine. Finally ARP case bolts are installed and torqued before line honing the completed case in our in-house Sunnen CH-100 machine. IAG’s Closed Deck is suitable for street or race use and has been tested in vehicles producing 1000+ horsepower and over 55psi of boost.

    What is a Closed Deck Block and why do I need it?

    The factory Subaru EJ25 case is referred to as a semi-open (or semi-closed) deck. The block is essentially an open deck with 3 narrow supports tying in the main case to the tops of the sleeves. This feature was a slight improvement over the EJ20 case, which was a completely open deck with no support. The purpose of the deck supports are to keep the sleeve from moving. While conceptually this is an improvement, the reality is that it simply isn’t enough for a high horsepower Subaru. The weakest point of the sleeve is still left open and unaddressed.

    What is unique about IAG’s Closed Deck process?

    Our machining process converts the semi-open deck to a complete closed deck, and uses threaded plugs to provide additional support at the case bolt access positions. This innovative design is just one of the features that sets our conversion apart from others on the market. Another innovative feature is the use of cast insert material that closely matches the metallurgy of the aluminum case material in a factory Subaru EJ engine block. By using a similar cast material (rather than billet), we ensure that during expansion and contraction the materials grow and shrink at similar rates, which is vital for maintaining roundness within the top of the bore. The outer inserts are machined from ¾ inch cast material and the inner inserts from 1” cast material. Once the deck is surfaced, the result is a true ½ inch finished outer insert thickness and true ¾ inch finished inner insert thickness.

    What is IAG’s Stage 4 Tuff Closed Deck Process?

    The IAG Closed Deck conversion is performed 100% in house by our engineers and experts using state-of-the-art equipment. The IAG Closed Deck starts with a new OEM EJ25 bare case. The case is loaded and fixtured to a 4th axis rotary indexer in our 2015 Haas VF-4SS CNC Vertical Machining Center. It is supported from the main journals using a precision ground 2 inch bar and tailstock which ensures the datum is the main journals. This method gives us a true reference point to perform all machining operations. A Rennishaw probe is utilized to check that the case is fixtured true and once confirmed the machining process begins.

    Once the case is fixtured, the first step is to mill out 12 pockets for CNC inserts. Rather than attempting to install inserts into an inconsistent cast case, the pockets are milled out to exact dimensions creating a consistent area that accepts our precision inserts. Once the pockets are machined, the case is removed from the mill and placed into a block oven at a low temperature. Our pre-machined closed-deck inserts are simultaneously chilled using dry ice. When the case and inserts have reached our desired temperature, they are moved into our install station, which holds the block and lightly presses the inserts into position on one side of the deck surface. This process is repeated on the other side and then the partially completed case is moved to a cooling rack.

    In the next step of our process, the case is loaded and fixtured back into the VF-4SS after reaching room temperature. During this stage, the flanges left from machining the inserts are milled close to the case deck surface. Features such as coolant passages and case bolt access positions are machined in preparation for the final stages of our conversion process. Specially machined, threaded case bolt plugs utilizing a 3/8 inch square drive are installed and torqued into place. Once they are torqued a ½ inch square drive is machined into each to allow coolant to properly flow and ensure that the thickest part of the plug is supporting the weakest area of the case.

    Each deck surface is then machined true and flat using a Poly Crystal Diamond insert. Finally, we engrave each plug for location and indexing. This step ensures that the plugs are installed in the correct position and rotation after the block is assembled.

    What's Included:
    (x1) IAG Stage 4 Tuff Closed Deck converted EJ25 Case (Starts as brand new OEM Case)
    (x1) Machined for 9.5mm pinned mains
    (x1) ARP Case Bolt Set
    (x1) Line Honed Mains
    (x1) Bored & Honed to 99.75mm
    (x1) O-Ringed
    (x1) Machined for 14mm Head Studs (14mm Head Studs sold separately)
    (x8) Threaded case bolt plugs

    Additional Options:
    (x1) IAG 14mm Head Stud Set - $550.00

    Head Gasket Recommendations:
    *IAG Recommends JE Pro Seal .039 inch head gaskets for B and D casting cylinder heads.
    *IAG Recommends Cosworth 1.1mm head gaskets for all V and W casting cylinder heads.

    Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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