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IAG Stage 2 CNC Ported EJ25 11mm Oil Pump Subaru WRX 02-14/STI 04-21/LGT 05-12/FXT 04-13

  • $ 44999

  • Brand: Subaru OEM
  • Part #: IAG-ENG-2240
    Increased Pressure Over Stock: Yes
  • Increased Volume Over Stock: Yes
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year.  


The 11mm Subaru Oil pump is one of the most popular off the shelf pumps to use on EJ25 engines. Originally equipped on the 2008-21 STI Dual AVCS engines, it provides an adequate amount of pressure and flow that fits the needs of many OE and built engines. But, as with almost anything, there is room for improvement.

Increasing oil flow volume and pressure in an EJ25 ensures that the bearings have sufficient oil film under all power levels and driving conditions. Additional oil flow to the engine provides a greater oil reserve to operate the AVCS solenoids and cam gears - giving you more consistent performance results.

The IAG Stage 2 CNC Ported 11mm oil pump was developed over years of servicing street and racing engines. In that time IAG has tested and utilized the majority of the popular Subaru oil pumps available on the market (JDM, Cosworth, ACL etc.) for customer, personal and racing vehicles.

Over the last few years if you wanted an upgraded oil pump over the stock 11mm you would either buy a hand ported model from a trusted source, or often an OEM JDM (Japanese Market) 12mm pump. We believe that we have developed a better alternative. The IAG Stage 2 CNC Ported 11mm oil pumps have shown through lab testing on a Spintron Machine that it will outperform a JDM 12mm.



  • 11mm Oil Pump Rotors
  • Shimmed and REM Polished Pressure Relief Valve
  • Measured, Blueprinted, and Assembled
  • Packed with assembly lube
  • Ships ready to install with all required hardware
  • CNC Ported to maximize flow & pressure and reduce cavitation risks
  • Tested to outperform other commonly available pumps
  • Designed for Single and Dual AVCS engines
  • Great for IAG Stage 2 and up built engines used for street and competition cars
  • Fits all EJ series Subaru Engines


  • (x1) IAG 11mm Stage 2 CNC Ported Oil Pump
  • (x1) Front Crank Shaft Seal
  • (x1) Oil Pump O-ring
  • (x7) Oil Pump Zinc Plated Bolts

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