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IAG Performance Competition Series Air Oil Separator Red Subaru WRX 08-14/STI 08-16

  • $ 37999
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  • Brand: IAG Performance
  • Part #: IAG-ENG-7251RD
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Red
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Installation Instructions:
  1. STI 15-16 Instructions - Here
  2. STI 08-16 Instructions - Here
  3. WRX 08-14/Legacy GT Instructions - Here

    The IAG Performance Competition Series billet aluminum Air / Oil separator (AOS) vents crankcase vapors to the atmosphere. The design is based on years of service on racing and high horsepower Subaru's. The AOS's approximate 1 liter capacity, fully heated housing, superior breathing and unique patent pending baffle design sets it apart from the rest.

    As the air makes its way through the multi-stage baffle system, gravity pulls oil from the air. By increasing the diameter of the breather opening on the top of the AOS, we have drastically decreased the exit velocity of the crankcase vent (CCV) stream. The slower velocity leads to greater oil separation from the pressure stream. A total of 9 mounting holes give the breathing port a full 180° of rotation. On the bottom, a thick Viton o-ring seals the can. Every o-ring in our AOS is formed from Viton which offers superior temperature and chemical resistance.

    *May require tuning recalibration.

    AOS Kit Includes:

    -Ready To Install
    -Hardware, Lines & Fittings Included

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