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IAG Oil Control Baffle & Windage Tray w/ V2 SS Oil Pickup Subaru WRX 02-14/STI 04-20

  • $ 31499

  • Brand: IAG Performance
  • Part #: IAG-ENG-2101
  • Installation Hardware Included: Yes
  • Material: Steel
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 12 Months / 12,500 Miles

This is a great combination that addresses some of the weaker points in the factory engine which mainly is the factory oil pickup. The factory oil pickup is prone to failure and can cause catastrophic engine destruction in the process. IAG solves this problem with its durable oil pickup that is combined with the oil baffle and the windage tray.


  • Designed to limit potential blow-by and to prevent oil starvation
  • Ideal for high RPM and high G-force driving conditions
  • Baffle designed with Viton one-way flapper valves 
  • Windage tray designed with louvers 
  • Prevents oil from re-entering the upper crankcase area
  • Directs oil down into the oil pan to ensure plentiful supply to the oil pickup
  • Precise fitment does not require sandwiching between the block and the pan
  • oil baffle features stainless steel construction with precision clearance around the outside edge of the baffle 


  • Heavy gauge steel tubing that is 3 times thicker than OEM
  • 3/8" Stainless steel flange
  • Stainless steel bracket
  • OEM style steel mesh screen filter
  • Completely TIG welded
  • Includes (1) oil pickup
  • Includes (1) Viton O-ring
  • Includes (2) M6 x 16mm hex socket head screws
  • Includes (2) M6 x 10mm hex socket head screws


  • This product is not currently compatible with the Killer B Oil Pickup Spacer which is used with the Killer B Oil Pans. Please use the IAG Oil Pickup Spacer
  • Compatible with EJ20 engines equipped with the 2.5L oil pan
  • Compatible with all Subaru EJ25 STI engines
  • The IAG Oil Baffle does not work with the Moroso oil pans or pickups

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