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HKS Full Racing Suction Air Intake System Nissan GT-R 14-21

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  • Brand: HKS
  • Part #: 70020-AN110
  • Filter Color: Red
  • Installation Hardware Included: Yes
  • Filter Type: Dry
  • Includes Airbox: No
  • Piping Color: Polished
  • Piping Material: Aluminum
  • Tuning Required: Only if air duct adapter isn't used
  • Mfr Warranty: 1yr

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The most powerful intake system carefully designed to fit engine room of a vehicle. HKS Racing Suction pushes air intake system efficiency to the limits.

Bold white HKS logo printed on black anodized back plate accentuates the engine bay!
The outer edge of the funnel is securely fixed to the aluminum back plate. Use of aluminum significantly improves rigidity and durability. Alumite process improves surface of the funnel and also provides a sleek black look.

Vehicle specific suction pipe design. Angle and length of pipe enhance the induction efficiency. It is effective for quick response for NA engines and higher performance for turbocharged engines.

With stock suction system, induction air hit to corrugated portion of hose and makes swirl and resistance. The specially designed pipe reduces corrugated portion and gap inside pipe to make air flow smoother.

HKS Racing Suction is a high efficiency air intake device and may cause irregularities in the engine work. HKS recommends considering a total tuning concept combining this product with a sport exhaust system and a suitable engine setting.


Note: Full suction kit for Racing Suction(70020-AN107) with Premium Suction(70018-AN007) Piping.

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