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GSC Power-Division S1 Camshafts Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 03-06

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  • Brand: GSC PowerDivision
  • Part #: 7008S1
  • Cam Exhaust Duration: 268
  • Cam Exhaust Lift: 11.0mm
  • Cam Intake Duration: 268
  • Cam Intake Lift: 10.5mm
  • Location: Intake and Exhaust
  • Machining Required: Yes
  • QTY: 2
  • Springs Required: Yes
  • Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty


*Please Note: If using aftermarket cam gears (especially AEM) check the bolt length, some cam gears are too thick for the OEM bolt on the Billet cams, a 40mm underhead length bolt may be necessary in this case 


The GSC Power-Division S1 cams for Mitsubishi Evolution 4-8 are tailor-made for vehicles equipped with the stock turbo up to the GT30/50Trim. These cams ensure no compromise in bottom-end performance compared to stock cams. On the contrary, they offer significant gains and contribute to quicker spooling of upgraded turbos. Users have observed power increases ranging from 30 to 55 wheel horsepower (depending on the turbo) by simply installing the S1 cams. Operating within a rev range of 3000-8000 RPM, these cams are compatible with stock valve springs and are optimized for engines producing 300-450 wheel horsepower. Expect a slightly rougher idle compared to stock cams. Upgrade to GSC Power-Division S1 cams for improved performance across the RPM range.




    • Intake cam duration; 268°
    • Exhaust cam duration; 268°
    • Intake cam duration @ 0.040: 216°
    • Exhaust cam duration @ 0.040: 220°
    • Intake peak lift: 11.00mm
    • Exhaust peak lift: 10.50mm
    • Intake center line: 107°
    • Exhaust center line: 113°
    • Designed for a rev range of 3000-7500 RPMs
    • Idle is slightly rougher than stock


    • Gains of 30-55 WHP depending on which turbocharger you have
    • Will work well on stock valve springs with lower boost and RPM goals


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