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GSC Power-Division Camshaft S2 Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 03-06

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  • Brand: GSC PowerDivision
  • Part #: 7009S2
  • Cam Exhaust Duration: 274
  • Cam Exhaust Lift: 11.2mm
  • Cam Intake Duration: 274
  • Cam Intake Lift: 11.0mm
  • Location: Intake and Exhaust
  • Machining Required: Yes
  • QTY: 2
  • Springs Required: Yes
  • Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty


*Please Note: If using aftermarket cam gears (especially AEM) check the bolt length, some cam gears are too thick for the OEM bolt on the Billet cams, a 40mm underhead length bolt may be necessary in this case 


Unlock the full potential of your engine with GSC Power-Division's Full Billet S2 cams. Crafted for those seeking enhanced power or employing larger turbos, these cams ensure no compromise in low-end power compared to stock cams. Experience gains of 50-70whp over stock cams, with potential for more at higher RPMs, making them perfect for 2.0L engines reaching 9000 RPMs or Stroker motors hitting 8000 RPMs.

Suggested for optimal performance, pair the S2 cams with our upgraded Beehive valve spring replacement or run them at the stock rev limit and factory boost on the stock spring. Tailored for a rev range of 4000-9000 RPMs (2.0L) or 3000-8000 RPMs (2.2L+), these cams are engineered for applications generating 400-700whp. Compatible with the Factory ECU using custom flashing.

Individually order either the intake or exhaust cams to meet your specific needs. For more details, feel free to reach out to us.




  • 274° Intake duration
  • 274° Exhaust duration
  • 11.20mm Peak lift intake
  • 11.00mm Peak lift exhaust
  • Centerline @ Peak Lift intake: 107°
  • Centerline @ Peak Lift exhaust: 113°
  • Forged billet cores
  • Will support 700+ WHP


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