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Grimmspeed Cold Air Intake Black - Subaru BRZ 13-21/FRS 13-21/GT86 17-21

  • $ 35900

  • Brand: Grimmspeed
  • Part #: 060052
  • Carb Exempt: No
  • Filter Color: Red
  • Filter Element Type: Wet
  • Filter Material: Cotton
  • Filter Reusable: Yes
  • Includes Airbox: Yes
  • Piping Color: Black
  • Piping Material: Aluminum
  • Tuning Required: No
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 2 Years


The design of this intake started with months of hands-on research. After the research stages and the determination that there was a gap in the intake market, they got to work with the design. Using their FARO Arm, they were able to map the engine bay in 3D to ensure a perfect fitment. They used that working envelope to maximize performance by eliminating the 90 degree bend just before the airbox. They found that this contributed to decreased resistance, but also helped with accurate MAF readings. They placed the MAF sensor inside the airbox to ensure that the heat from the motor and headers didn't skew its readings.

This intake provides gains in horsepower and torque across the entire rev range. This includes gains of 3-4 ftlbs in the "torque dip," and peak gains of 6 horsepower as measured at the wheels on a Dyno Dynamics dynamometer (reads lower than the common Dynojet). These gains are not achieved through MAF trickery either, as the air to fuel ratio remains nearly identical to the factory's. Additional gains in the top end can be achieved by modifying your factory snorkel (around 2whp).

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