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Forced Performance FA20 Blue EWG Subaru WRX 15-21

  • $ 1,79900

  • Brand: Forced Performance Turbochargers
  • Part #: 2025202
  • Bearing Type: Journal Bearing
  • Cartridge: Forced Performance
  • Exhaust Housing Size: 10cm
  • Fitment: OEM
  • Gaskets Included: Yes
  • Inlet Size: OEM
  • Oil Line Included: Yes
  • Ported Turbine Housing: No
  • Rated Horsepower: 475 HP
  • Scroll: Twin
  • Wastegate: Internal
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year Limited


    The FA20 Blue turbocharger for the 2015+ Subaru WRX features the 73mm HTZ compressor wheel with a stock fitment, stock appearing cover coupled to the 10cm2 turbine section. This bolt on solution produces a great balance of spool and power. The FA20 Blue flows 57LB a minute and is capable of producing upwards of 475WHP. This turbo comes with an oil line and gasket set, giving you everything you need to bolt it straight onto your car.


    *Note: The FA20 Blue is developed specifically for the 2015+ WRX platform, it will not fit any other platform with the FA20 motor. Additionally, it will not fit any vehicle with the EJ series of motors.*


    • Compressor wheel - 73HTZ
    • Flow rating - 57LB per minute
    • CW Measurements - 52.6MM Inducer / 73MM Exducer
    • TW Measurements - 60.8MM Inducer / 54MM Exducer
    • Compressor Housing - Factory Size Stock Appearing Cover
    • Turbine Housing - 10CM FA20 Fitment Turbine Housing
    • CHRA - FP Journal Bearing
    • Actuator Pressure - 15PSI
    • Oil Line - Included

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