Diode Dynamics Replacement OEM Style HID D2R Bulbs (pair) Subaru STI 0 – Reflected Image Motorsports
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Diode Dynamics Replacement OEM Style HID D2R Bulbs (pair) Subaru STI 04-05

  • $ 6000

  • Brand: Diode Dynamics
  • Part #: DD1034P
  • Temperature: 4300K
  • Part #: N/A
  • Mfg Warranty: 3yr Warranty


OEM Replacement. These bulbs are a direct replacement for the factory HID bulbs on your Subaru STi. Since HID bulbs lose brightness after just a few months of use, these will provide a nice increase in output. You can also improve your vehicle’s styling with a cooler color temperature.

Quality. There are all kinds of HID bulbs on the market, but these are the best combination of quality, without a high price tag. Manufactured in a fully automated environment, they have high output, and are DOT/SAE and ECE compliant in arc position and size. Using German quartz and American salts, no expense is spared in their construction. This leads to a long, reliable life, and excellent color.

True Colors. While some HIDs on the market give off a green or purple tint, these bulbs will provide a pure white color on the road. These HIDs are available in true, accurate color temperatures, which we measure at our photometric test lab. The white color created by these bulbs will provide more visible light on the road, and won’t cause distraction.

  • 4300K is a natural white output, as seen on vehicles with factory HIDs. It will not have any blue tint to its color, and might appear slightly warm.
  • 5000K is a pure white output, without any warm hint, and no tint of blue either.
  • 6000K is our most popular color, which produces an ice white color. It matches best with most LEDs.
  • 8000K is our highest temperature, which produces an ice blue color. This is not a strong blue color though - it is still primarily white, meaning there will be no decrease in light output.

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