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DEI Titanium Exhaust/Header Wrap 2in x 15ft

DEI Titanium Exhaust/Header Wrap 2in x 15ft

  • $ 2627

  • Brand: DEI
  • Part #: 010129
  • Installation Hardware Included: No
  • Length: 15ft
  • Width: 2.00in
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Fiberized Lava Rock
  • Temperature Limit: 1800F direct / 2500F intermittent heat
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 30 Days

The first step in controlling under hood temperatures is to use DEI's exhaust wrap. This product is designed to keep heat in the exhaust and evacuate it out of the engine compartment. Wrapping your headers and exhaust will reduce under hood temperatures by up to 50% while providing additional horsepower, engine protection and passenger comfort.

DEI’s Titanium Wrap is constructed from pulverized lava rock, extruded into fibers and then woven into a tight weave which gives this material titanium-like strength and toughness. This improvement in thermal protection helps reduce underhood temperatures resulting in cooler air intake for improved performance and horsepower. Less heat in the engine compartment means reducing the chances of heat soak conditions on vital underhood components.

Please note that titanium exhaust wrap does not require a silicone spray coating over the finished wrap. Because of the material, silicone spray coatings will not properly adhere to titanium exhaust wraps.

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