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Defi DF Red Racer N2 Boost Gauge Imperial 52mm 30PSI

Defi DF Red Racer N2 Boost Gauge Imperial 52mm 30PSI

  • $ 25650

  • Brand: Defi
  • Part #: DF16002
  • Gauge Backlight Color: Red
  • Gauge Face Color: Black
  • Gauge Needle Color: Red
  • Gauge Range: 30in.Hg - 30 psi
  • Gauge Sending Unit: Electrical
  • Gauge Size: 52mm
  • Gauge Type: Boost/Vacuum
  • Requires Control Unit: No
  • Units: Imperial
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 1 year
The Defi Racer Series Gauges are quick-responsive and high-accurate analog gauges. Boost, pressure, temperature, exhaust temperature, and volt gauges are available. The diameters are 2 1/16inches (52mm) and the color is red.

A Stepping motor provides smooth operation. The Racer gauges are illuminated using high-brightness LEDs. Self-diagnostics function monitors both sensor disconnection and short-circuiting during the startup sequence.

The Face features a full 270 degrees sweep dial provides ultimate visibility. The Defi Racer Gauge does not require the Defi-Link Control Unit II for use, and can not be used in conjunction with it. The red triangle of the regular position bezel can be used as a warning indicator and others. A mounting bracket and instrument case is provided with the gauge.

This is the Defi Imperial Series Gauge (Reads in US Measurements)
-30inHg to +30PSI

Included with this kit is:
Gauge 1pc
Boost sensor 1pc
Sensor wire (8 1/5ft) 1pc
Power supply wire (3 1/3ft) 1pc
Three way joint 1pc
Rubber hose (1 3/5ft) 1pc
Meter cup 1pc
Regular position bezel 1pc
Double sided tape 1pc
Buffer 1pc
Mounting bracket 1pc
M4 bolt, nut, washer 1pc
Tapping screw 2pcs