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Defi Advance Gauges Control Unit V2

Defi Advance Gauges Control Unit V2


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  • Brand: Defi
  • Part #: DF07703
  • QTY: 1
  • Attachment Method: Adhesive
  • Display Color: White
  • Volts: 12v
  • vMfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
The Defi Advance Control Unit is a vital/necessary part owning a Defi Advance gauge. The Defi Advance Control unit could also be known as the "brains" or brainbox of the gauges. The Defi Advance Control Unit can control up to 7 Defi-Like Meter Advance CR's and Advance BF series gauges. The features of this control unit are countless.

This control unit can warn the operator via buzzer and warning LED, as well as show peak value. One of the more interesting things is that it is able to store or save such information and display it when it's called for.

The only changes the V2 Control Unit has over the original is the ability to show the minimum and maximum values on oil and fuel pressure gauges and the illumination of the switch unit is automatically turned on/off if an Advanced ZD is installed.