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Cusco RS Rear LSD 1.5 Way Subaru BRZ 13-21/GT86 17-21

Cusco RS Rear LSD 1.5 Way Subaru BRZ 13-21/GT86 17-21

  • $ 1,36800
  • Save $ 152

  • Brand: Cusco
  • Part #: LSD 986 V15
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • LSD Function: 1.5 Way / 2 Way
  • Location: Rear
  • Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
  • Condition: New Product


The Cusco RS Rear 1.5 Way LSD has been designed to improve performance for those of you who enjoy spirited driving, and participate in the occasional weekend track day. Now this is the 1.5 Way LSD which means both rear wheels will be locked under acceleration, and under deceleration the differential will be working at 50% lock.  What does this mean under track conditions or spirited driving? Although the standard equipped torsion unit works well, you will be able to tell the difference in the mechanical ability of the Cusco unit. The Cusco unit will be more aggressive, and will force both wheels to spin under load at all times, whereas the torsion is a torque sensing differential.  So if you were to enter a high speed corner with a torsion, and one tire lifts off the ground it essentially becomes an open diff. With the 1.5 Way differential under the same circumstances both of the wheels will be moving. The same will happen under braking and deceleration you will have about 50% slip. This means better control and feedback while entering or exiting corners, which means faster lap times for those in competition, and more exhilarating driving experience for those who enjoy the occasional canyon drive.

Now for the nerdy stuff, the Cusco 1.5 RS Rear LSD features chrome molybdenum steel construction on both the housing, and the gears. This means more durability for street use, but suitable for track use. The housing has been designed with large oil windows for optimum lubrication and oil flow. Inside, the 1.5 Way RS LSD employs coil springs located between the pressure rings that develop torque right off the bat, and features full engagement under acceleration, and about 50% under deceleration. The use of coil springs rather than cone plates help promote faster and smoother engagement. 

Additionally, the Cusco RS Rear 1.5 Way LSD can be converted to a 2-way LSD, and is completely customizable with a different clutch pack order and spring tension preset. This will allow them to be set up to the exact preference of the driver. It can be changed to a 2 way by rotating the center spline to engage on acceleration, as well as deceleration. 

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