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Cometic Complete Gasket Kit Subaru STI 04-06

Cometic Complete Gasket Kit Subaru STI 04-06


  • $ 24500
  • Save $ 19

  • Brand: Cometic
  • Part #: PRO2024C
  • Location: Complete Kit
  • QTY: Full Kit
  • Size: OEM
  • Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
The Cometic Full Master Gasket kits come complete with every gasket or seal that you could possibly need when doing any level of engine work including, head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, spark plug O-rings, intake manifold gaskets and more.

If you are building a motor or just want to always have spare gaskets laying around this is the economical way to do it. These kits come complete with every possible gasket for the EJ motors.

This kit contains:
2x .032” MLX Head Gasket 101mm Bore (Part# - C4587-032)
1x Thermostat Seal
1x Water Pump Gasket
4x Cam End Plug
4x Spark Plug Tube Seals
1x Valve Cover Set
4x Cam Seals
1x Rear Main Seal
1x Front Crank Seal
1x Oil Pan Gasket
2x Intake to Tumbler Gaskets
2x Intercooler Inlet Gaskets
2x Blow Off Valve Gaskets
2x Intake Manifold Gaskets
2x Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
1x Throttle Body Gasket
16x Int/Exh Valve Stem Seals

Block halve O-Rings are not included in this kit.

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