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COBB Tuning Stage 3+ FF Power Package Black Silicone Subaru STI 15-16

COBB Tuning Stage 3+ FF Power Package Black Silicone Subaru STI 15-16

  • $ 4,46000
  • Save $ 339

  • Brand: COBB Tuning
  • Part #: 616X30FFBK
  • Fuel Pump Flow: 320lph
  • Includes Air Filter: Yes
  • Includes Airbox: Yes
  • Includes Catback: Yes
  • Includes Downpipe: Yes
  • Includes Exhaust Heatshield: Yes
  • Includes Intake: Yes
  • Includes Tune: Yes
  • Injector Flow: 1000cc
  • Plug N Play: Yes
  • Sensor Included: Yes
  • Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year

    The Cobb Tuning Stage 3+ FF Power Package has been designed, developed and properly put together to provide the user with not only the right modifications to greatly improve performance, but it also includes the supporting modifications to help users achieve proper and safe horsepower goals.

    This kit has been developed to eliminate the guessing game out of the equation. Rather than trying to research and piece together similar parts with similar goals, you can get a kit developed from one of the industry leaders in Subaru performance that will work seamlessly all together.

    The Cobb Turning Stage 3+ FF Power Package includes the following parts:
    • SUB-003 Accessport V3 – The V3 Accessport can be used with off the shelf tuning maps to achieve the proper tune based on your modifications, fuel type, as well as location. The Accessport will really maximize the benefits of your modifications and bolt-ons so your vehicle can make the best out of those modifications, and deliver a smooth and powerful driving experience for the driver.
    • SF Intake and Airbox- Cobb’s SF Intake and Air box has been designed to allow the turbocharger to really inhale the increased air held back by the restrictive factory intake design. Furthermore, the Air Box has been designed to be installed in the factory provision to bring cool air to the SF intake system.
    • 3” Stainless Steel Turbo back with Turbo Heatshield- The Cobb Turbo back Exhaust has been designed to not only improve exhaust flow, but to really allow that flagship boxer rumble sing to its fullest. This includes the catted bell mouth downpipe that includes the provisions for the O2 sensors. Exhaust gases will exit through Cobb’s cat-back exhaust which features 304 stainless steel fabrication, TIG welded construction, and quad-polished tips.
    • High Flow Fuel Pump, 1000cc Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade- Anytime when upgrading exhaust components, or intake components, the boost levels can increase due to the restriction relief. Therefore, you have to have the supporting fuel delivery. The High Flow Pump will deliver the fuel to the 1000cc injectors, which is controlled by the regulator. Make sure you have plenty of fuel supplied to keep healthy air/fuel ratios under your tune.
    • Flex Fuel Package- This is Cobb’s latest home run. The Flex Fuel Package has been designed to measure the octane levels in ethanol since every gas station can have a different blend. This Flex Fuel Package will make proper adjustments pending on the ethanol content, and send a signal to your ECU so you’re not over boosting, or creating a lean condition under boost.

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