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Brembo GT Big Brake Kit (Type 3 / Rear / Monobloc) Toyota Supra 20-23

  • $ 4,19500

  • Brand: Brembo
  • Part #: 2P3.9064A
  • Caliper Material: Aluminum
  • Caliper Piston Material: Stainless Steel
  • Caliper Piston Qty: 4
  • Color: Red,Black, Silver, Yellow
  • Installation Hardware Included: Yes
  • Location: Rear
  • QTY: Sold as a Set
  • Rotor Construction: 2 Piece
  • Rotor Diameter (mm): 380
  • Rotor Style: Type 1
  • Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Warranty


Note: This system eliminates the parking/emergency brake function

For drivers who demand the very best from their vehicles, Brembo's Performance Kits are a testament to exceptional engineering and innovation. These kits are meticulously designed and rigorously tested, catering to track day enthusiasts and performance-driven drivers seeking peak performance in every aspect.

Key Components of Brembo Kits:

  • Discs: Brembo kits consist of cross-drilled or slotted ventilated discs, available in one-piece or composite designs, and enhanced with advanced technology.
  • Calipers: These kits feature aluminum calipers with 4, 6, or 8 pistons, providing exceptional braking power.
  • High-Performance Pads: A complete set of high-performance brake pads ensures superior stopping performance.
  • Metal-Braided Hoses: Included in the kit, these hoses enhance durability and efficiency.
  • High-Quality Hardware: Each Brembo kit is equipped with top-notch hardware, reinforcing its reliability.

Born on the Racetrack: Brembo's braking systems incorporate motorsport-derived components, delivering unmatched technology and performance. These kits represent the epitome of Brembo's state-of-the-art engineering, offering drivers the most advanced solutions available.

Aluminum Calipers: The kits are equipped with aluminum calipers, which may vary in design from composite to monoblock or even billet monoblock components. These calipers provide exceptional rigidity and minimal deformation, contributing to precise braking performance.

Innovative Discs: The kit includes discs, which can be either floating or one-piece, depending on the car model. They feature an exclusive venting system that improves cooling capacity and boosts resistance to cracking caused by thermal shock by over 40%.

Precision-Crafted Finishes: Cross-drilled and slotted finishes are executed with meticulous precision, designed to dissipate heat effectively and eliminate brake dust and gases.

Eye-Catching Style: Brembo Performance Kits not only excel in function but also add a touch of style to your vehicle. Painted calipers, available in red, black, or silver, adorned with the iconic Brembo logo, along with slotted or cross-drilled discs, give your car a sporty and distinctive appearance. These kits are perfect for drivers who want their vehicle to stand out from the crowd while enjoying exceptional performance.

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