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AMS Performance ALPHA 6 GTX3076 GEN II RACE TURBO KIT - Toyota Supra 20-23

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  • Brand: AMS
  • Part #: AMS.38.14.0001-1
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Ever sense the A90 Supra was released, the aftermarket has taken this platform by storm. However, companies like AMS have dedicated over 21 years of countless hours to research and development to provide you with a proven, quality product. With turbo upgrades, they want to make sure that this is an investment that will deliver the results desired by the most demanding of enthusiasts, With that being said, this is the AMS Performance Alpha 6 GTX 3076 Gen II Race Turbo Kit. 


Now the B58 platform is daunting, but AMS Performance engineered this particular turbocharger upgrade to be for lack of a better term, easy. This particular turbo kit is the 2020+ GR Supra's first publicly available internally-gated full turbo kit that utilizes the OEM electronic wastegate. This allows for seamless integration of the OEM ECU for boost control the way it had been designed from the factory. The factory electronic wastegate system particularly excels at boost response over mechanical alternatives, making the ultimate choice for part throttle drivability or on-off throttle situations as seen on a road course.





  • Utilizing GTX3076 Gen II Garrett turbocharger w/ 58mm inducer 
  • Incorporates the factory electronic wastegate for the OEM-like boost control
  • Efficient exhaust manifold for optimal flow and spool
  • Coolant and oil line sheaths for superior heat management
  • Tial internal wastegate exhaust housing with 3.5" v-band discharge
  • Massive powder-coated 4" aluminum intake piping
  • Includes CNC billet aluminum oil and water port AN adapter fittings for a leak-free installation
  • Installed oil and water lines and clocked compressor cover to save you more time on the installation
  • Cleanable and reusable dry media air filters
  • Includes all ancillary components including all hardware, lines, and couplers





  • The AMS SnailWorks Engineering Team invested hundreds of R&D hours refining the Alpha 6 GTX3076 GEN II Turbo kit to be the best-performing, highest quality, and easiest-to-install kit on the market
  • Designed with minimal beds and restrictions by AMS to smoothly and efficiently feed more air through the intake and exhaust path and into the B58 engine
  • Great design details from AMS that include CNC machined actuator rod adapter to allow them to mount the factory electronic wastegate to the new turbocharger 
  • Designed to be a direct bolt-on installation without hacking up your new Supra
  • Compatible with the AC, power steering, and all of the other factory options
  • Easily reversible back to stock with a few inexpensive parts
  • The design of the Alpha 6 Turbo Kit is that it is fully compatible with the high-quality AMS 3" charge pipe you already have installed so there is no need to buy a charge pipe twice like the competition 





  • 1.5" ID 304L stainless steel schedule 10 piping hand-fabricated to create the ultimate in exhaust flow
  • Incorporated into the manifold and turbine housing is a v-band connection for a simple installation and a leak-free operation 
  • Because this kit is an internally-gated system, there is no additional weight and flow disturbance you would find with an external wastegate design
  • The downpipe had been designed to taper from 3.5"  down to the factory exhaust joint which helps eliminate excessive back pressure
  • The TIG-welded 3.5" stainless steel downpipe features a v-band connection, a 3.5" flex section and smoothed internal liner, and factory-style 80mm slip joint
  • This allows for a perfect bolt-in solution to your existing exhaust system, and the flex joint allows for natural engine movement to help prevent broken welds or exhaust hangers





  • The Garrett GTX-series turbos are a tried and true performance turbocharger lineup from Garrett with excellent horsepower output and great spool time
  • The GTX3076R Alpha 6 turbo kit is over 600 WHP capable while still having excellent boost response with world-renowned Garrett reliability 
  • The GTX GEN II compressor wheels are designed using proprietary Garrett Motion computer simulation technology focusing on CFD analysis to optimize the wheel design to reach maximum efficiency and mass flow for each turbocharger
  • Each GTX GEN II turbocharger can create more air mass flow, offering enthusiasts a wider range of power output when tuning the vehicle
  • The 8mm dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge provides optimal turbo response and reliability through its reduction in shaft motion 
  • The GTX3076 GEN II uses a 4" inlet and 2" discharge compressor cover
  • This cover allows for a greater airflow compared to a 3-inch cover found on many smaller turbo systems 
  • Pre-installed oil and water lines to the CHRA as well as clocked the compressor cover to save you on the installation time





  • Garrett GEN II GTX3076R turbocharger
  • Tial internal wastegate exhaust housing with 3.5" v-band discharge
  • AMS Performance exhaust manifold with 1.5" primaries
  • AMS Performance CNC billet aluminum wastegate rod adapter
  • AMS Performance powder-coated 4" aluminum intake piping with sensor bung
  • AMS Performance dry media air filter
  • AMD Performance TIG-welded 3.5" 304L stainless steel downpipe
  • AMA Performance CNC billet aluminum oil and water port AN adapter fittings
  • AMS Performance ancillary components including all hardware, lines, and couplers





  • A custom charge pipe will need to be fabricated during the turbo kit installation unless you are using the AMS Performance GR Supra 3" Charge Pipe (sold separately)
  • The Race version of the Alpha 6 GTX 3076 Gen II Turbo Kit will have the race downpipe and is considered to be for race use only for those with a purpose-built track car

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