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Aluminati Fuel Injector Seal Adapter (Long)

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  • Brand: Aluminati
  • Part #: ALM-SEAL-LONG
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Qty: 4 Adapters
  • Mfgr Warranty: Lifetime


*Once sold out, will be discontinued


Many aftermarket fuel injectors come with square rubber cushions used to seal the bottom of the injector but these cushions have one big problem, they leak! As boost gets higher and higher, if the cushion is not pressed down firmly, you will have boost leaks.

Aluminati now has a solution to this problem. Our adapters replace these square rubber cushions.

If your injector came with one cushion, you must use the SHORT version (like the ID1000).

If your Injector came with two cushions, you must use the LONG version (like the ID2000). When using the long version, you don't need to use the top cushion on the injector (OEM fitment, aftermarket TGV/rail fitment may vary).


Machined from billet 6061 aluminum
Black anodized for long lasting finish
Comes with 4 long adapters, 4 inner o-rings, 4 outer o-rings
Made in the USA

You MUST follow these steps for proper installation:

  1. Remove fuel rails
  2. Remove injectors
  3. Clean injector ports with a rag and solvent to be free of debris
  4. Install outer o-ring on adapters
  5. Use a small amount of grease/oil on o-rings
  6. Install adapters into injector ports
  7. Use a socket to lightly tap adapters all the way down to make sure they are seated (it will be a tight fit)
  8. Remove cushions from injectors and install inner o-rings
  9. Use a small amount of grease/oil on o-rings
  10. Install injectors into adapters and bolt on fuel rails
  11. Prime fuel pump a few times
  12. Fire up the engine and look for leaks

These products are not affiliated with Injector Dynamics. All questions, concerns, problems, repairs or anything related to Fuel Injector Seal Adapters must come through Aluminati.

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