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SuperPro Suspension

Who is SuperPro?

The SuperPro brand has been manufacturing, designing, and developing polyurethane for more than three decades. A brand born to breed long-lasting maintenance-free solutions to keep work trucks working during the week and make sure they could tackle the harshest trails to and from the weekend campsite and be ready to work again on Monday has come full circle. As word of one solution spread it would introduce another opportunity – the bushing ideas that kept the work truck working could suit the weekend track car that to commute in comfort during the week. The fleet vehicles that couldn’t be down for maintenance could replace suspension components once and stay on the road, pass inspections with flying colors, and get more miles out of their tires. Performance enthusiasts and racers came calling for more durable parts that would last well beyond a session or two, components to optimize their alignments and get the most out of their tires. Three decades of engineered solutions, continued evolution of designs, formulations and manufacturing techniques, and an ever-expanding catalog to suit the global market have brought SuperPro to the forefront of polyurethane and elastomer technology. Track, trail or travel; we innovate.


Counting only those whose full day is dedicated to the design, testing, and development of SuperPro products our talented R&D staff is comprised of diverse automotive and engineering backgrounds and together represent more than a century of automotive experience.


The SuperPro brand, and its parent company Fulcrum Suspensions, began in a single workshop more than four decades ago. The man that poured the first SuperPro bushing chairs the company today and keeps his office in the center of our R&D department. While where we’ve come from and who we are now are vitally important to the identity of the brand; where we’re going – as an automotive suspension specialist and manufacturer; and as the automotive aftermarket as a whole – is equally important. SuperPro products are offered on every continent and every continent, country and region bring unique terrain, climate, preferences, vehicles and expectations. Our global reach; including facilities in Australia, the US and the UK provide us a huge amount of valuable feedback, first-hand data, and direct access with many of our dealers and customers.


While the SuperPro brand’s history spans more than three decades, our parent company Fulcrum Suspensions spans more than four. Fulcrum Suspensions spans a much wider scope than the SuperPro brand. Fulcrum operates a network of suspension specialty workshops throughout Australia that offer a huge range of services from basic inspections and maintenance to complete upgrades and overhauls. It is not at all uncommon to visit a Fulcrum store to find a Holden Commodore getting a routine service and alignment for its next 50,000km, a HiLux getting fitted with a lift kit, adjustable control arms and SuperPro bushings upgrades, and the local race shop dropping off a car to have their alignment dialed in for the weekend’s event. Fulcrum also manufactures, imports and distributes springs, shocks, struts, lift kits of its own, leading Australian manufacturers, and many top global brands.

The highly capable Fulcrum team service tens of thousands of vehicles every year. This gives us unparalleled exposure and feedback on vehicles new and old. We’re able to identify trouble spots in new vehicles quickly, find bushings and components with short service lives or inadequate designs, log customer feedback and preferences – what they like about how they car drives and what they don’t – and fit all of our own products not just on the R&D vehicles in development – but in the workshop on cars in a range of conditions.


We believe in performance without compromise. While this is a cliché that is thrown around far too often, we consider it a foremost priority in our design and development of SuperPro products.

While our research and development involves track testing, repeated drives on the toughest trails we can find, an array of rigs that subject our bushings to hundreds of thousands of cycles at loads far higher than they’ll ever seen once fitted to a car, and dozens of other tests to assure quality, fitment and durability – the reality is most of our products find their way onto cars that are driven on paved roads to and from the store or office far more than they’re asked to turn a hot lap or climb to the trailhead.

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