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GSC Power Division Intake Valve Set 35mm / +1mm Oversize Valve Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 03-06

GSC Power Division Intake Valve Set 35mm / +1mm Oversize Valve Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 03-06

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  • Brand: GSC PowerDivision
  • Part #: 2004-8
  • Length: OEM
  • Location: Intake
  • Machining Required: No
  • QTY: 8
  • Size: OEM
  • Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty


Embark on a new era of performance with GSC Power-Division's cutting-edge valve line. Leveraging advanced 3D design and simulation software, these valves are engineered for unrivaled durability and superior flow. Through rigorous flow testing of prototype valve heads in specific applications, GSC ensures the highest flowing valve head on the market. The materials employed reduce valve distortion at the face, enhancing sealing under extreme conditions and maintaining consistent performance throughout the valve's lifespan. GSC Power-Division's revolutionary valves are poised to establish a new industry standard for sport compact performance.


Key Features:

  • Swirl Polished Heads: Enhances smoother airflow over the valve.
  • Back Cut Design: Reduces valve weight for higher RPM, higher boost pressure, and accommodates more aggressive cam profiles without increasing valve spring seat pressures.
  • Micropolished Valve Stems: Minimizes oil retention for smoother stem motion.
  • High-Quality Materials:
    • Intake Valves: Modified 21-4n stainless steel.
    • Exhaust Valves: Modified 23-8n stainless steel for high heat capacity and longevity.
  • Hardened or Stellite Wafer Tip: Ensures extended life and reduced wear on valve tips.
  • Valve Tip Lengths: Adjusted for proper valve train geometry, requiring less tipping during installation.
  • Keeper Grove Adjustment: Balances intake and exhaust spring pressures, minimizing the need for valve spring shims.
  • Compatibility: Valves can work with OEM keeper/lock or GSC's upgrade keeper/lock, with a suggestion to avoid reusing valve locks on performance applications due to material grooving.

GSC Power-Division's commitment to precision and performance makes their valves a top choice for sport compact applications.

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