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Professional race engine builders approached Vibratech TVD, parent company to Fluidampr. The challenge was to apply durable, industry proven viscous damper technology to motorsports. It was the mid-80’s. Fluidampr was born.

Today, racing demands a quality crankshaft damper that can protect engines across a broad RPM range. It needs to perform when you add horsepower and increase the temperatures under the hood. Racing pushes innovation in Fluidampr's design and manufacturing process. These advancements are passed on to their parent company, Vibratech TVD, and applied to exotic automotive, marine performance, and defense industry OEM applications.

OEM factory race teams and grassroots Saturday night racers have made Fluidampr the leading viscous harmonic balancer in motorsports. Hot rodders and restorers trust Fluidampr. 


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