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For 50 years Corbeau has been the seat of choice for motor sport enthusiasts worldwide. Whether on the street, track, or offroad, Corbeau has set the bar for what defines excellence in aftermarket seating. Impeccable attention to detail is put into every seat design to ensure that when you sit in your seat, you experience comfort and support like you have never felt before. You truly cannot understand what this feels like until you sit in a Corbeau seat. It is this reputation that has made them who they are today. To go along with the largest selection of seats in the industry, they are the only seat company to complement their seats with custom brackets made in house for just about every vehicle imaginable. They also have a complete line of harness belts for those looking to take their driving to the next level or simply want to enhance the overall look of their vehicle. It is their pledge that each and every customer receives a remarkable experience in every interaction with Corbeau.  When it comes to choosing that one and only product that supports you, a proven expert is a must. At Corbeau they have been the worlds leading seat authority for 50 years and will be for 50 years to come.

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