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Avid.1 Wheels

Autotech Accessories Inc. was established in 1994 as an importer and distributor of tuner parts and accessories marketed worldwide under the Tenzo Racing Sports brand label. 

Based in Southern California, the customizing capital of the world, allows us to keep pace with demands of avid tuners who insist on innovative products with every passing season.

Tenzo brand wheels debuted in 2000 and since then, each wheel has been built utilizing the latest in cast technologies and tested to exceed the industry’s stringiest and ever changing standards including compliance with TPMS technologies.

Each Avid.1 wheel is lightweight and offers excellent value in a one-piece low-pressure cast design. New offsets and aggressive widths are now available in select applications to address the demands of enthusiasts.

You can expect that each Avid.1 wheel is infused with its own attitude and purpose inspired from the latest street and track trends. We believe each person has a different approach in their vehicle’s personality and so we strive to produce the latest in tuning evolution.

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