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iWire Products Now Available!

Posted by Martin Izdimirski on

iWire has taken the time to come up with wiring solutions for MAF and MAP Adapters, to DCCD Harnesses to plug and play Test Mode Connectors.  


Gone are the countless number of times, you have to crawl under your dash to connect the green "test mode" connectors to access your cars potential.  iWire has made a kit, that we now carry, that makes doing this easy. You can install it in your dash and all it takes after install is a flip of a switch!


If you are tired of cutting into your cars wiring harness for speed density connections, we now have kits made by iWire that take care of this as well.  These are simple, plug and play harnesses that make going aftermarket and back to stock easy.


Start shopping what we have from them here, soon, we will carry more of their products, so, keep your eyes peeled!


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